Urban Transformation Turns Into The Ranting Form

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Urban Transformation is continuing without a legal infrastructure so this process can be resulted as a ranting form. The president of the Turkish Construction Material Producers Associations Fethi Hinginar said: “If Urban Transformation process continues without a legal infrastructure, this project will be a ranting transformation rather than an urban transformation! Unfortunately, this form is very harmful for our country. “35th Turkish Construction Material Producers Association General Assembly Meeting was held by participation of Mehmet Özhaseki; the minister of Environment and Urbanism. The sectoral subjects and also the works of the Association were evaluated by the participants.


Earthquake Risk In Turkey Is Very Important !

Fethi Hinginar also emphasized the earthquake risks of Turkey and the situation of the 7 million risky building stocks! Hinginar mentioned that they are always talking about this important matter at every opportunity which they can find. Fethi Hinginar talked to the minister of Environment and Urbanism Mehmet Özseki and said; “We are also supporting the Urban Transformation projects that has started in our country but we would also like to explain that if the Urban Transformation is being realized on lack of a legal basis, this project will turn into a ranting form and this situation is harmful rather than being useful for our country. “ Hinginar continued;

“We believe that we have a lot of knowledge and experience about the sector. We would like to see the positive approach that about you give more importance to the legitimate until it is too late. The completion of the legal infrastructure is very important for the Urban Transformation. “

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