USD Shares increased with the Real Estate Group

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S&P 500 Index headed for weekly gains with the increasing in Real Estate shares. USD shares recorded a rising in real estate and public services shares and as a result of these developments USD made S&P 500 Index direct to the gains for the 5 time in the last 6 weeks.




USD Stock Indicator was 2.266 and increased by a 0.2% rate on the date of 15.12.2016 at 9.40 am according to the New York local hour. Fed (Federal Reserve System) decided to apply tight monetary policy. Federal Reserve aimed to increase the interest rate and so decrease the spending because borrowing becomes more expensive by this monetary policy. Savings is more attractive when the interest rates increases and along with this new conditions also the saving rates increase. While expenses are growing too fast, this can return as a negative result. Also when the inflation is rising fast the tight monetary policy can be used in order to limit and prevent the inflation. After FED’s Tight Monetary Policy, the investors evaluated the decision and Index recorded a rising of 0.4%. By this indicator S&P 500 Index made profit on 8 days of 10!


The Real Estate Shares raised 0.8% after the last improvements. The Public Services and the Communication Institutions were in the ones which made profits. These institutions gains at least by 0.4% rate. Last mobilizations in shares didn’t affect every area as positively. Finance shares decreased by a 0.2% rate.


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