Use of Mortgage Loans in Our Country!

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Loan-type mortgage loans granted by banks after they put mortgages on behalf of their customers on immovable properties or instruments of their customers.

Mortgage Corresponding Credits In Which Situations? Banks; They may use mortgage credits to customers with credit points or low-rated customers, and customers with high and long-term credit requests. The basic principle for this type of loan is that the banks must secure themselves. If the customer can not pay the credit installment, the bank may sell the customer’s immovable (land, house, factory, work place) or vehicle through execution. The bank may be undecided about using the credit when the customer’s credit score is low or at the limit.


They may use the mortgage of the loan or the mortgage to the customer.Bank; Customers may request a mortgage to avoid risk even if the customer’s credit score is high in the case of a long-term loan demand where the customer’s demand is high. If the customer accepts the mortgage, the immovable is assessed by the bank’s appraisers, and if appropriate, the bank places a mortgage on the immovable and the customer may use 70% -80% of the value of the immovable property determined by the bank’s expertise (which may vary according to the bank). If the loan amount is not sufficient for the customer, the bank may require a second or third mortgage to use the amount the customer desires.

The mortgage loan should not forget that the client is the bank of the immovable property or the owner of the vehicle, until he pays the final installment of the debtor. In this process, the customer can not sell or transfer these products. The customer should be sure that his / her credit is left when he / she has paid the last credit installment. If the mortgage is not up to date, the bank must file a written petition and request the removal of the mortgage. The customer may sell the immovable or the vehicle after the immovable or the mortgage is over the vehicle.

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