Virtual Investment Contest

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Virtual investment competition starts Investimate The Investimate Virtual Investment Competition, organized by Bogazici University Business and Economy Club this year, starts on March 6th.

The competition, in which only university students can participate, takes place with the support of institutions such as Borsa Istanbul, TSPB, CMB and Bloomberg in the main sponsorship of Turkish Investment.The university students in the competition, which is founded with the slogan of ‘Virtual Risk Real Earnings’, is trying to increase the virtual 100,000 TL by using various transactions such as stock trading, viop, varant using the instant data obtained from Borsa Istanbul for 6 weeks. The financial reports prepared by the most successful students at the end of the competition are reviewed by our expert jury and the winning students meet with their awards. INVESTIMATE 17 AWARDS Dubai Financial World TravelCash amount of 5000 TLStock Exchange in Istanbul, SPK, Türkish BankWeekly Surprise AwardsGift TicketsFor more information and to register for free, you can visit iain ”


What is Investimate?   The Investimate Virtual Investment Competition offers students the opportunity to invest in 2 different categories. In the Share Market category, they will try to increase their bets by using the 100.000 TL virtual money to be paid to the competitors’ accounts in BIST, VIOP and foreign exchange. The person who increases the look every week will be the ‘week’s winner’ and will have the Reeder tabletin! In the Forex Category Contest, a virtual $ 100,000 will be defined for each user’s account. Students will compete with each other by evaluating these titles in the Forex market. At the end of the 8-week period, they will have three cash prizes and two surprise prizes, each of which will increase their virtual portfolio to the highest level.

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