Warning From Agbal For 2B And Agricultural Land Until 7th Of September!

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Minister of Finance Naci Agbal stated that approximately 482 thousand immovables were sold to the 666 thousand rights holders from the immovables within the scope of subparagraph (b) of Article 2 of the Forest Law pursuant to Law No. 6292, which is known as "2D Law" and which has been continuing to solve the problem that has been going on for years. 

He said that the total value of sales is 9.5 billion liras, and 6.5 billion liras of this price was collected and the remaining part was paid in installments.


Finance Minister Naci Ağbal also announced that the sale of the Treasury agricultural products to the tenants, users and stakeholders of the Treasury, which had been resolved by the same law, was started in the completed cases where the work of determining the fair value and entitlements were completed.

Under this application, he said, 'Within the scope of the application, approximately 32 thousand immovables were sold.'


Agbal reminded that the application and payment period for agricultural land belonging to 2B and Treasury ended on September 7th. Those who do not apply until this, time until September 7, will not be able to make the payment and to apply. There is lo a need to concider the holidays. That's why he said that they do not want any of our citizens to lose their rights. For this reason, everybody needs to make applications and payments, taking into account the holidays "

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