We are in the Fourth Place in Housing Purchase Abroad

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The name of the sector that the AKP government imposes as a measure of development and "success" is housing construction… For years, there are no new factories and industrial facilities. Including strategic ones, all that we have were sold. All that they want is luxurious residences and the AKP riches that derive from it.

For 15 years, Turkey has been deceived as "developing" under the image of shopping malls, luxury residential buildings. However, there is a very strange picture emerging recently and hiding with care. What is really happening when the government promises foreign citizenship to ferigners to invest in real estate and securities in Turkey?

The CHP Istanbul Deputy and Chief Deputy Chairman Erdogan Toprak explains: "With the last arrangement the government has issued in the Official Gazette with the decision of the Council of Ministers to give citizenshipin $ 1 million real estate and $ 1.5 million estate in foreign purchases of securities. household sales to foreigners in Turkey are declining rapidly according to ‘TÜİK’.


Iraqis are among the first to buy houses. Afghans, Syrians and Saudi Arabians are coming after Iraqis.

"How is it that Turkey rises to the fourth place in the world in housing purchase abroad?

Erdogan Toprak explains: ‘According to the annual report of New World Wealth, the largest US real estate and real estate research and consulting firm, in February, the number of Turks residing in the US increased from 1 thousand in 2015 to 6 thousand’.

 Turkish citizens among the real estate investors abroad have risen to the 4th place in the world.

Source: The rise of the world's fourth place in the purchase of housing abroad.

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