We Can Be The Second Land Of The Erathling

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The boss of Özak GYO, Ahmet Akbalık says that: ‘if we want to be upper level for constructor sector, there should be given a residence permit for foreigners. Then, sales have double and Turkey became to be second land for earthlings.’

The board of directors presidents of Özak Global Holding Ahmet Akbalik reminded: ‘Last year about 22 thousand houses were sold across the country and $ 5 billion in foreign income that is and added that: it would be the second home of earthlings against surrounding countries become the world’s compassion power in Turkey.’ also, he added: ‘from over the real estate sectors, can aid to support the exports. In this way, it can be accessed in a faster way. Thus, the current sales to foreigners, we can get twice as much sales.’

They Proud

Akbalik also saying that: ‘Also one of the qualifications to be a big state to be the center of attraction for every place in the world. 7 climate, four seasons, flora and its location, the Gulf countries, CIS, Middle East, and we have a cultural mosaic of all kinds will be able to host people from Europe.

“The advantage of using , a certain amount of a residence permit to the real estate field , they are proud to ask for 5 years in the T. C. giving citizenship to real estate could become the world’s center of attraction , “he said.

The real estate sector, underlining the country’s $ 500 billion will provide a significant contribution to the 2023 target and Ahmet Akbalık affeder: ” No need to fear from real estate sales to foreigners” Nobody wtih not taken from his pocket. Real estate is still a lot we have achieved a great resource for staying on our territory and Turkey’s economy. Moreover, this is one of the most convenient way to attract foreign direct investment, “he said. marketing to promote the acquisition of property by foreigners in talking about the importance Ahmet Akbalık saya: ‘other instruments necessary to support residential sales.”

Current companies and public institutions are doing promotional activities abroad, with different strategies. Be of different colors is causing confusion in the beautiful , but its placement point perception, “he said.

Promotion Fund should establish

He said a strategy to hit the target more closely and promotion fund to be established as in developed countries the advantages of our country, we need to explain better what we have. Of course, we have to get separate maps for regions in determining the strategy. There are different expectations of each country in line with the global competitive environment and planning have to do the right analysis to be preferable to tap these expectations. Ahmet Akbalık, ‘according to TUIK data, 20 percent decline in mortgage sales in April is due to the interest rate on the consumer’s expectations.’ he said.

In the past, while consumer mortgage the host is happening, now with the option term applied by the contractor. In this case the company can resuspended up to a point. Healthy done through the banking system of this debt, “he said.

2.500 Thousand request to the Buyuk Yali


Emlak Konut GYO on the land in describing the intense interest of Kazlicesme for Büyükyali project which will be implemented by Ahmet Akbalık.

We launch in September and is currently the only demand that we collect in front Büyükyalı has come so far, 2 thousand 500 preliminary request .

Also he added: “Büyükyali of our projects in our locations, lifestyles, stories are extremely pleased with the interest demanded due to its proximity to the transport network, “he said.


New Projects on the road

“As Özak Global Holdings saying that we have been active since 1995 in the construction industry”said Akbalık.

We do not invest our main spontaneous. Our structure and our strong analysis ability anticipating the needs of a changing world and to facilitate sustainable living projects that aim to implement, “he said.

Currently, “the 10-year projection of the information that is readily available” he said. Büyükyali project to bring the voice of the industry, as well as Ontario residents with our Alsancak project will add color and life to our projects we work on are in Istanbul and Antalya, “he said.

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