What Are The Advantages And Risks Of Buying Home From A Project?

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In these days, becoming a homeowner stepped ahead of meeting just our sheltering need.  People want to live in houses which are with higher quality, have social areas and security. Instead of just buying a house randomly to live in, they request some more features from a house or its neighborhood. For this reason, demand for branded project is increasing year after year.

We are able to see Housing Projects as a kind of profitable investment instrument at the same time. The houses that are bought while they are just at the foundation of them make the owner earn a great deal of money. Of course there are some disadvantages of buying the house at the beginning too.  Let’s see what are the advantages and risks one by one.

Advantages of buying house while it is at the beginning in project

  • The prices are lower when they are in the process of building.
  • You may get contribution
  • You can choose in which building and which apartment you would like to buy
  • You can have the opportunity of changing any part of your apartment
  • You may have a proper loan if your Project Company and bank have a deal.
  • Social areas may be wider

Risks of buying house while it is at the beginning in project

  • There is always risk that project may not be completed.
  • The project may deliver later than it should be
  • The house may not meet your expectation
  • In the project process, there may be some changes in the existing project
  • Environment of the site may be done late
  • The material that had been used for the apartment may be poor quality

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