What Are The Features Of Earthquake Resistant Houses

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As it is known Turkey had a really bad earthquake in 1999 and since that they everyone keep one’s finger on the pulse.


It is highly possible that another earthquake happen in the recent years or in anytime because as Turkey we are situated in an area which is covered with fault lines in three parts. The fault lines are situated in the North, West and South part of Turkey which means that only the center and the East does not have the risk to face with an earthquake.


We Should Be Ready

To face with an earthquake safe and sound we should be sure to live in a secure places. Our houses should not be old and the materials used in the construction should be very durable. We have to place our furniture in a good way so that in case of an earthquake they should not move and fall. We have to keep an emergency pack ready to use which includes a tent, lantern, medicines and such things that are used in an urgent situation. This pack should be situated in a good and reachable area so that in such natural events you can take it go out.


What are the Principles of a House Which is Ready for an Earthquake

The easiest think that we can do is to examine the report of damage which shows us the condition of the house.



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