What are Trends in The World On The Investments For Real Estate?

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It is necessary to follow developing and changing organizations of the world in a right way in order to invest on real estate with the point shot.

İt is important to read about truly what turning points should take place on short, middle and long-lasting investments by means of true researches.

Global crisis have been witnessed on all over the world. Especially the investors in America and Europe mend to investments on real estate in abroad.

According to the statistics, the rise over the rents in abroad is faster than the selling price of real estates. On the other hand, purchasing a real estate enables the people to have liberty of visa and permanent inhabitance and also economical advantages.

Sevki Aydin who is the founder of company, A New Life, set a guide in which there are some choices about programs for investments. How could an investment accounting for 1.000.000 Euro be assessed?



You could purchase a flat including 2+1 in one of the newest projects in Lizbon by means of investing 700.000 Euro. Renting price would account for 25 thousand Euro on average a year.

Or else, Chiado attracts many tourists’ attentions, so you could buy a flat including 1+1 by means of the investment of 520.000, therefore you could assess short time renting option. Provided that you run it, 45.000 will be gained. However, ıf any other companies run it, 20.000euro will be acquired.

By means of this investment, you could handle the right to inhabit, to work and to establish a working place. Furthermore, you could have the right of visiting Schengen countries, too. Besides, six years later you could have the right to apply for naturalization.

During this progress, you don’t have to reside in this country.



Eixample Region in Barcelona is one of the most outstanding and popular place. You could buy a flat including 2+1 by investing 550.000Euro. If you do this, you could earn 17.500 euro. A house in holiday places such as Valencia could be purchased by the investment of 600.000 euro.

If you invest on the real estate in this country, you could have the right to benefit from social rights such as inhabitance, work and education.


Malta, which is older colony of England, has an official language of English. Malta is preferred because of the advantages of its taxes and its data processing and financial institutions by the businessman for the investments.

You could prefer to purchase a house including 2+1 in St Julians by the payment of 400.000 euro. Average renting price will account for approximately 15.000euro. In addition to this, you could live in Malta forever, if you buy Malta Government Bond costing for 250.000 euro with the circumstance of payment by 5 years.


It is pretty hard to possess a green card from America. It should be invested on the program of EB-5, in which some projects of specified states, highways and railways are there, so you could invest 500.000 dollars on these projects in order to have a green card.

This card assists the people to have the rights to be equal to the American natives. In addition, you could have some benefits from the right for both establishing the work and educating equally. In future, you could have the license to be a citizen of America.

It is enough to buy a house in Los Angeles or Mıamı that are both amazing regions in order to assess the rest of 1.000.000-investment.



Antigua&Barbuda Island is one of the most fascinating place for the investment. You could buy a house including 1+1 in the project of holiday village belonging to this island.

If you wish, you could stay there, or you could leave this house the management of this holiday project. You could earn money about 15thousand or 20 thousand from this house in Antigua&Barbuda.

In just only 4 months, you could handle a license to travel more than 130 countries without visa ,if you possess passport of Antigua&Barbuda

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