What İs Happening On Yakuplu Beach?

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Yakuplu Beach, which is connected to the Beylikduzu district and does not have any problem of slum dwelling; Investments and projects. It is desired to create a new "seaside town" in the region that stands out with positive features such as education level, transportation facilities and green area. The work of the project which is claimed to be the biggest coastal town of Istanbul continues.


Yakuplu is 2 kilometers away from Beylikdüzü district center; With its green spaces and fresh air features approaching European standards. The area attracting attention with an area of ​​15 square meters per person; It also stands out with its collegiate number and similar demographic characteristics. Following the 1999 earthquake, the latest technological transportation projects planned in the region, which frequently refers to the Metrobus Project, prove the value of the region.


The large number of shopping malls located in the area where the problem of dwelling is not dominant makes it possible to refer to the region as a "shopping paradise". Among the investments to be made in the region, there are transportation options such as sea buses and sea taxis, indicating that Yakuplu will make a big leap in the near future. One of the advantages of the region is its quick and easy access to the E5 with TEM.


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