What is the cancellation of unlimited lease tcontract?

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Rental contract is a document prepared to provide legal clarity between the landlord and the tenant who rents the house. In line with this document, the tenants are entitled to stay at home for the period specified in the lease agreement, and the landlord is entitled to rent.

There is now a lease contract for each house lease. What happens if rent contracts are a cancelled?


Is It Possible To Terminate The Rental Contract?

What happens if the landlord or tenant cancels a contract one-sided?

Here is some information about an indefinite lease termination.

  • How does the lease termination affect both side?

Although it is possible to legally terminate rent contracts; each side must have some grounds for not being a victim. If there is a one-sided cancellation of the contract occurs without any reason, the other side have contractual rights to the end of the period such as the landlord has the right to take the lease for the period specified in the contract and the tenants to continue to stay at home.

For this reason, termination may not occur without any reason. Terminating indefinite lease contracts, one of the parties has the right to terminate the contract at the time of legal termination, unless a notification time is set.

  • How to terminate an unlimited lease contract?

It is possible to terminate the lease contract in two ways.

  1. One of these is the termination process with the help of a notification path. For this, the contracting party may end the contract until the contract expires for two weeks. If this is not done, the contract can be counted again for a year.

  2. Another termination of lease contracts is termination through litigation. the tenant or the proprietor of the property may terminate the contract through litigation due to other side’s mistakes.


  • What are the reasons for termination of the tenancy agreement?

If the contract is terminated through litigation, one or more of the following reasons must be present

  1. If the renter needs a property for the first degree relatives

  2. it is necessary to work such as demolition and expansion in the property, but if it is impossible when there are tenants

  3. if the damages caused by the tenants are determined and the damage is nor repaired by tenants

  4. important events such as bankruptcy or death

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