What İs The Rent İnsurance, What Are The Advantages Of The Rent İnsurance?

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Owners want to find tenants who pay their rent properly, especially when they rent their houses.  The property of the rent also disturbs the property owner. This leads to the deterioration of the relationship between the landlord and the tenant, and even to legal remedies if the problem can not be resolved. However, it is possible to prevent these developments from reaching this point. This can be prevented by rent insurance. What is lease insurance? If the landlord can not get the rent from the tenant, the insurance that prevents the loss of rent is called rental insurance. That is, it is an insurance that guarantees against the risk of not paying or collecting the house rent. All tenants and households can make this insurance. Rent insurance has advantages for both landlords and tenants. What are the advantages of lease insurance?

· Having tenancy insurance provides important guarantees for both the landlord and tenant.

· When the tenant gets the rent insurance, it is assured that the rent will be paid if they are unemployed. Also;

If the tenant is insolvency taxpayers who are subject to the bankruptcy as a shareholder of the company, the rent is made on behalf of the tenant every month, provided that this document is documented.

In the event of the tenant's death, accident or illness resulting in permanent disability, rental fees are paid on behalf of the tenant in accordance with the policy conditions.

· If the landlord carries out the rent insurance, the rental insurance guarantees the rent collection. Here are some of the advantages that rent insurance offers for the landlord:

If the tenant can not pay the rent, the rent is paid.

For the landlord, it is a guarantee against all possible debts that may arise from the tenant.

– If the tenant does not pay the fixed apartment or the dues together with the rent, he / she pays fixed apartment or site fees together with the rent. That is, payments are made instead of houses.

-If the landlord does not pay the rent, he will pay all legal fees and court costs to make the house become rentable so that the rent will be noticed.

· In order to have this insurance, it is sufficient to specify the rental price together with the host and tenant-specific information and contact information.

· Policy can be arranged for residence and workplace.

· It is enough to apply to the insurance agencies to get rent insurance and to get all necessary information.

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