What is the Tenant’s Rights Against Homeowners?

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There are tenant rights against the landlord in the law. The fact that the tenant has information about these rights is very important in terms of protecting his interests. As a result of the amendment of the law, both parties have mutual obligations towards each other in relation to the landlord-tenant. The leasing transaction is accordingly a debt and receivable relationship. So the lease contracts that are made now carry a kind of deed.


The rights of the tenants are included in the Tenancy Agreement under the Debt Act. If there is no change in the law in this respect, the articles in this section continue to maintain their validity in the same way. In addition, tenants and landlords can not issue a contract contrary to established laws. The most important tenant rights include the landlord's inability to remove the tenant from the house before the contract expires. A notice must be given to the tenant at least one month before the end of the contract. Otherwise the contract is automatically renewed and the contract is granted indefinitely.


In the event of any defect in the home, the tenant may ask the landlord to correct the fault. If the landlord does not fulfill this request, his or her own expenses can be deducted from the rent. If the tenant can not benefit from the home sufficiently, that is, if there are any problems at home, leaving the house is among the tenant's rights. This does not have to wait for the end of the contract period.


In order to get a deposit, the tenant must fulfill the terms of the contract and not damage the house. Otherwise, the amount of the damage as provided is cut off or the tenant may lose the right to recover the deposit. The tenant is obliged to deliver the house as rented, but is not responsible for the wear and tear caused by the use over time.

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