What To Do If The House You Bought Turns Ut To Be A Mortgaged House?

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When you decide to buy a house, what do you need to do in case the house is mortgaged? The mortgage house, regardless of which payment method is taken, brings a big legal sanction. The house you decide to buy is the first step you need to decide whether to accept the mortgage from the beginning and resume the mortgage with a new housing loan or to pay the bank and remove the mortgage.


How to buy a mortgage house?

If you plan to buy the house via bank credit, you will first receive your bank as a transaction and you need to file the home mortgage. After this step, if the bank you intend to borrow is not the bank to which the loan used for the mortgaged home belongs, then the necessary procedures are taken to remove the mortgage between the two banks. These mortgage removal operations are completed within about 1 day, by appointment from the title deed office in advance.

When you apply for title deeds, it is of great importance that you have knowledge of whether the house is mortgaged or not. Because, if you do not owe it otherwise, the bank's mortgage on your home keeps its validity.

What are the risks of buying a mortgage?

This can be a huge problem if you are mortgaging in any way on the house you buy without being aware of it. The presence of collateral or mortgage quotes on the house you buy in cash can leave you with serious legal problems in the future. The official rights on the mortgaged house are in favor of the person or organization that put the mortgage. These debts, which do not belong to you, can confront you with laws against them.

When you want to resell the mortgaged house you bought, you have the right to ask the buyers to buy the house to remove the mortgage on the property. In such a case, you are likely to face a major disgrace as you are obliged to pay a debt that does not belong to you.

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