What To Gain In 11 Steps From A Real Estate Consultant?

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What to gain in 11 steps from a real estate consultant?

While coming at the end of the local real estate period and because of being an expensive investment tool,  professional real estate consultants offer their clients both the buying-selling and rental issues with their accoutrements and supports to make a difference.


Certain standards will be brought to real estate consultant profession by the Real Estate Law and this law is expected to be emerged this year.According to the new law it wont be easy anymore to become an estate consultant whoever wants.Making mistakes while buying or selling real estate’s and taking wrong decisions cause material and spiritual damages with no compensation.But getting support from the professionals makes us earn materially and prevents us from unnecessary time wasting.Onder Uzel, the Board of Directors President in Turkey of one of the world’s leading real estate firm Century 21 says that the real estate law which is expected this year will ensure a big contribution for the sector.Uzel underlines that the real estate agents profession done in neighbourhoods by unprofessionals will become a dead business soon.”Nowadays a lot of people get supported by real estate consultant firms which became a brand name and have prodessionals for buying and sellings.In this way the clients have the ability to buy,sell or rent as an investment in a right way.


What to gain from a real estate consultant?

Onder Uzel explains step by step what the advantages and gains could be by taking support of a professional consultant.

1-Gaining time and speed.
2-Gives us a better assistant. Could be a partner with his client.
3-Makes you save and earn money.
4-Let’s you get experience and information about the sector.


5-Gives you the right to choose from different alternates on the list prepared by the consultant.
6- Gives you the power ability to bargain.
7- Avoids the illegal and risk points and lets you follow the procedure to avoid mustakes.
8-Let’s you make new neighbours and right connections.
9-Gives you the opportunity to become clearness.
10-Important contracts,property documents or land records will remain in a good archive even after years.

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