What Will Affect The Cost The Tenant Is Responsible

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Pursuant to the rental agreement between the tenant with the landlord, the tenant that rented housing it is the responsibility of during the rental time. So, the rented housing is located in all the fixtures that are delivered in working condition and during the time it sits the responsibility belongs to the tenant.


In some cases, the landlord will be responsible for the cost of the rental dwelling. In this regard, the rule is; provided, all damages covered by landlord from the housing benefit that should be of a mitigating nature. If so, one of the horizontal pipes in the house popped, the landlord is responsible for repairs. However, if the boiler breaks due to the failure of the tenant’s use, that is the responsibility of the tenant. The landlord must provide the annual maintenance of these fixtures to get done.


If the tenant wants to make a change in the housing according to their own tastes, if provided with the permission of the landlord to pay the expenses and make changes to. For example, knocking down a wall, a room can enhance. When the tenant move out, the tenant has to put the house back in shape. The tenant of the house has received the delivery of painted on the walls, also painted on the walls when the tenant leave home is obliged to deliver.

Apart from that, the tenant along with monthly rent, common expenses of the condominium is required to participate in. These expenditures; doorman fees, condominium common elevator maintenance and repair expenses water and electricity expenses, cleaning, garden maintenance and pool usage costs.


This is outside of the monthly expenses, large maintenance expenses for the apartment may have. Modifications that will be made in accordance with resolutions of the General Assembly of the apartment and the landlord is responsible for sudden expenses. This modifications; coating, painting, elevator replacement, roof repairs and water tank. Severance pay the amount collected for the fund to be created for the doorman, again belong to the owner of the house.

Finally, a mandatory insurance against earthquakes; DASK needs to be done on the basis of the home owner. However, if the tenant wants he can insure the belongings of the house itself.

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