What Will Develop at the Capital Markets?

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The capital markets are evaluated by the specialists. What are the last situations at the capital markets? The specialists are discussing the subjects related to the expectations from the public offering, the future of the capital markets, the sectoral evaluations of the brokerage institutions etc. They are also talking about the future of the Istanbul Financial Center project.


Chief of the Borsa Istanbul: Our Capital Markets are Weak

Himmet Karadag made explanations about the real estate certification. The real estate certification provides opportunity to purchase a certain part of the real estate project at the beginning of the investment. The real estate project is divided into the small parts. Himmet Karadağ said that the demanded features were not reached at the capital markets and the markets are weak. According to the Himmet Karadag, the product designs which appropriate with the field and consumption patterns. The real estate certificates are the first examples as these products. Karadağ said: “I look the real estate certifications like the exchangeable bonds with stocks. In fact, this is a security; You can change this certificate into a house at the end of the period“

Assistant General Manager in charge of Ak portfolio investments Mehmet Ali Ersarı expressed that industrial production and reflation had been good for the last 2 years so capital flow started to the developing countries as a result of the good economic data.

What About Forex?

NoorCM General Manager Jihad Shannak said that 2.000 people were removed from the Forex Market as a result of the arrangements in February 2017 by SPK. (Capital Market Board) Shannak: “We believe in the capital markets in Turkey and we don’t want to go…”


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