What You Need To Look Out For When Applying For A Housing Loan?

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If you decide to make a home loan application and decide to buy a house, it is a good idea to know these things before and during your application!


Before applying for a home loan, be sure to go over your own money situation.

· How much savings do you have?

· How much is the advance payment for the house you wish to purchase?

· How much credit can you pay per month?

· Do you have any debt except the payments of the home loan?

· Are there any big expenses waiting for you in front of you?

Compare the mortgage loan amount you need by comparing the loan and find the payment cycle that is right for you. Make sure your monthly home payments are not going to force your budget. The interest rate increases when the maturity is long, but it is important that the payments can be done as well.


In the event that at least two consecutive installments are not paid, all of your loan debts become "immediately payable" and the bank will notify you and request you to pay the entire loan amount together with interest and taxes within 30 days. If your credit debt is not paid within the specified period, the legal follow-up process is initiated.
Find out the interest rates of the banks including the annual cost. Interrogate the costs that banks will take away from interest. Consider the total cost you pay.

Learn the expertise fee. Expertise institutions All institutions that work independently from the banks, all the expertise fees are paid to the appraisers.

When your housing credit is finally over, find out all the costs that may be incurred. For example; Fek write-up fee: The mortgage letter written by the bank is called for the removal of the housing on the mortgage after paying the entire amount of your debts. In this article, there is information that the bank is not owed, that the bank's ipot can be removed. In this writing, the mortgage on the dwelling is removed by going to the title deed. While the mortgage letter is prepared by the bank, you will be charged for these expenses because of notary expenses due to transactions such as notarized certificate of authority and signature circulars.

There are insurances made while using housing loans. These;

· Life insurance

· Earthquake insurance (DASK)

· Housing insurance

Only the earthquake insurance (DASK) is mandatory for these insurances. Because there is no transaction in the trading of tapas without DASK.

Life insurance is an insurance that must be made in order to secure the lives of those you have to look after if something happens to you, and to leave the house, not the debt. Make sure you renew your life insurance every year.

Be sure to read your housing loan contract or pre-contract information sheet. In this way, you can learn general information about credit transactions and the terms of the loan agreement.

Once you start using the credit, keep your receipts, payment slips, all your documents. Because if you face a problem, you will need it and the banks can charge you for each document.

When choosing a bank, be careful when choosing a bank loan, do they return positive and negative to all your requests because it will be a long-term relationship, do they answer your questions, customer relations and service quality are important.

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