What’s impact of Brexit to the Real Estate Sector?

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Britain’s decision to leave the EU inflamed new debate in Europe, after Istanbul, this decision may be the new favorite of the Gulf.


The allocation of United Kingdom from the EU to the ‘yes’ has affected the decision in the world market. This trend is watching closely by the Turkish real estate industry.




The leading representatives of the industry support that: Brexit referendum experienced large fluctuations in the currency markets after positive results will be reflected in the construction sector and combined will increase foreign investment.


If the President of the Board Structures Inanc Kabadayi, the uncertainty in the EU will provide opportunities for the Turkish construction sector, he said. Kabadayı says more: ‘the Gulf will be a significant increase in capital investment in Turkey. Foreign investors are compared with European capital Istanbul and Istanbul will reveal the advantage in this decision,” he said.


I don’t thinking to being lost


President Hamid Demir who owner of Demir Construction Board says: “after advancing in the process of decision announced Brexit market will pick up again. Hamid Demir explained another part:   Britain’s Brexit decision has caused fluctuations in the financial markets in the short term. Even in this process do not think Turkey will be a strategic and commercial loss after Brexit decision ever. Currency and the rise of gold is also not unusual. The sale of the other hand, the Central Bank Brexit It was overshadowed by the decision. The process of this discount the positive effects of CBT after advancing will begin to feel a bit especially in the real estate sector. ” said.



Kuzu Group Board Member Özen Kuzu says: “Earnings growing up profits of foreign investors who profit originated in the money markets by investing in real estate the most profitable investment tool than can a wise move” he said.
Brexit after Turkey’s economic and strategic loss would be even noted that the Turkish economy will be reflected positively. Kuzu add more: “This situation offers opportunities for foreign investors in Turkey” he said.

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