When Grant Project Finish, 4 Million People Will Move There

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4 million people are expected to land in the region to live in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar and Kuwaiti investors are very interested.


One of the greatest investment of Republic was 150 million annual passenger capacity will Third Airport  favorite of the new domestic and foreign investors. Built between Akpinar and Yeniköy project was already 275 percent rate of increase in land prices. Project yet to be spoken in the area before starting pounds 80 square meters of land prices buyers find today goes up to 250-300 pounds.


Included Value Added Tax 142 million euros, including 26 billion to the construction, operation and transfer of the construction cost was estimated to be spent on the procurement made ​​Third Airport with 10.2 billion euros. The first phase of the new airport will have a capacity of 70-90 million passengers, 150 million when all stages are completed, capacity will be the largest airport in the world. 1 million 471 thousand square meters covered area on the region as well as have 6 independent tracks. It will include 500 aircraft and 70 thousand car parking capacity.


Near Terkos lake and Black Sea coast, Arnavutköy – Gokturk – Catalca at the junction of 7700 hectares areas Akpinar and Yeniköy villages between the airport will be high interest of investors. The last 2 years, particularly Arnavutkoy and Catalca districts with interest and interest due to rising prices of evaluating Keller Williams Country Director for Turkey Emre Erol, while the new airport works, said that while the rail link project started to take the necessary steps. Erol says:  “metro line will consist of 13 stations. Thus, 3rd. Airport transportation is between the airport and the city center will be in a short period of time like 30 minutes” he said.


Lands uprising to over 300


Underlining the public transport network in the region would increase in line with the development of prices Erol, the words continued as follows:  “The square before the airport project in the region began to be spoken 80 pounds buyers find land prices, today goes up to 250-300 pounds. Investors in the region concerned for the land is more interested in the subject. Tayakadin Arnavutköy Yenikoy, Duru Lake and 30 percent to 50 percent said increase in Karaburun district. Catalca also valued by the county. In October, prices per square meter is around £ 1,500 now rose to 2 thousand TL. Continuation of this increase likely. Demand will increase and Istanbul will continue to expand.”


Erdogan is promised by Constructor firms for 29 October 2017


76 million 500 thousand square meters of construction area covering 3rd. Airport. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the groundbreaking ceremony, the first stage during the prime minister had promised to open in October 29, 2017. Build-Operate- Transfer model performed 3rd Airport new tender, Cengiz formed on 3 May 2013 HDI investors Mapa, Limak Kolin, Kalyon joint Venture Group won the bid of 22.1 billion euros. Construction steel to be used in the amount of 350 thousand tons, 10 thousand tons of aluminum, while the glass is expected to reach 415 thousand square meters, the project will be completed in 4 stages.


Foreigners are waiting for citizenship for buying houses
Foreign purchases increased housing sales dropped to 18.7 percent in Turkey. Representatives of the real estate sector, pointing out that demand is still alive “who want to see the conditions for obtaining citizenship Housing and purchase requests waited foreigners have” assessment made.


Gulf Investors follow the lands


That will take place in the region of several investment Emre Erol, the title of the 3rd airport project passed environmental pointed out that currently the field . Erol, he said: “It is built on 76 million 500 thousand square meters. Surrounding the area is scheduled to open to development over time. Receiving development permits expected to be installed over 325 thousand acres of land is expected to reside in the new city of 4 million people. It’s not just residential, hotel, office, shopping center, there will be industrial and logistics investments. Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar and Kuwait can say that from foreign investors interested in the region closely.”

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