When Is Thermal Insulation In Buildings Compulsory?

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The energy in our country, 34% of Residences is being used in 80 percent of this energy is consumed for heating purposes. Also there is energy hurtling into the air during the summer cooling purposes. Biggest black hole in thermal insulation, so energy efficiency…


At this rate, one “stop” who realize it's time to say authorities, is preparing to make important energy efficiency Strategy Paper arrangements. These uninsulated buildings should not be given a license to the licensed premises or be upgraded for insulation and energy efficiency of the tax reduction, energy performance certificate non-energy consumption and non-standard, which is uninsulated buildings, public institutions and organizations are not rented out by various arrangements. Energy that brought radical changes in the energy efficiency strategy document, will come into force after it is approved by the high Planning Council.


In Turkey, more than 8.5 million licensed premises, more than 18 million registered housing. This percent and 5.6 percent of the building stock, only 10 percent of the housing stock in accordance with the standards are not isolated. However, thermal insulation, reducing the energy required for cooling or heating purposes especially, the creation of one of the measures necessary for increasing efficiency and a comfortable living space.


Because it's true your heating and cooling costs with thermal insulation products and applications is reduced by 50 percent on average.For existing buildings energy performance certificate will be mandatory from 2017 onwards. Therefore, from 2017 onwards, energy performance certificate of the building situated at that date the amounts of carbon dioxide release those on the minimum value defined in the legislation in force, administrative sanctions will be applied. So, in this process the preparation of the existing buildings for a moment before it must be isolated.

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