When Should An Newly Purchased House Be Sold?

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It is considered as the most secure investment-type real estate purchase-sale If the newly purchased house is sold before 5 years passed,  the houseowner may have to pay the "real estate value gain tax".


What Is The Value Of This Real Estate Value Gain Tax?

When the sale of real estate is made over the inflation and exemption amount of that year, the income tax calculated according to the taxation status is called the real estate value gain tax. Almost everyone who sells his home in five years and profit from it pays this tax.

The main issue occurs when people show their houses values less than it is. When this house sold its real price, high profits arising from that and high tax that is born with it.

Those who intend to sell the house and do not want to be exposed to the review of the tax office may increase the title deed fees by giving a petition of regret. To be able to give this petition, a follow-up process for the person must not be initiated by the tax administration.

As a result, waiting for 5 years for those who want to sell their new home without high tax exemption is a good move.

What Is The Optimal Age Range For A House To Sell?

Many apartments may be vacant at new buildings despite the completion of construction. When the site reaches 100 percent occupancy rate, it increases the value of selling the house.

Apart from this, the site is located in a low population of the region, inadequate shopping centers, lack of means of transportation decrease the value of house. Waiting till the population increase in the region is better to sell the house.

When the real estate market is stagnant, you may have to sell your home under the amount you expect. Therefore it is necessary to follow up the situation of real esrate market.

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