Which Cities Will Compete Istanbul İn Attracting Investment?

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When it comes to Istanbul, the biggest and the most populated city in Turkey by far, it is difficult to name another city that can rival Istanbul in attracting investments, however we can still cite a few:


  1. Rising Star: Antalya

Antalya stands out as one of the cities that has the highest potential to compete with Istanbul in attracting investments and it currently does so. Antalya is the fifth biggest city after surpassing the previously fifth biggest city of Turkey that is Adana. Antalya is one of the two most renowned places in Turkey and the most renowned city in some countries like Russia. It is the center of beach tourism of Turkey and is also one of the two most visited touristic sites in Turkey to go along with the incontestable cultural center of Turkey, Istanbul. Antalya is also a significant economic, commercial, cultural center in the Western Mediterranean region. Antalya's population as of 2017 is 2.328.555.


  1. Green City: Bursa

The fourth biggest city in Turkey, as well as the one of the fastest developing cities is Bursa, which is a significant economic, commercial, cultural center in the south Marmara region. It is a cultural center as it was the capital of Ottoman Empire before Istanbul and also an important city in Bizantium Empire. It is a winter resort thanks to the highest mountain of Marmara Region, Uludag and it is an economic center, as it is home to the production facilities of many national and international companies mostly in the automotive and textile sectors. Bursa's population as of 2017 is 2.901.396.


  1. Other Promising Candidates

Izmir, Mugla, Mersin, Kocaeli, Gaziantep are among the other shining stars of Turkey all in different regions, which may compete Istanbul in one way or the other in attracting investors.


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