Which Investment Instruments Make Gains In This Week?

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Nowadays Savings And Lost Investment Vehicles

Stock Exchange Istanbul 100 (BIST 100) index closed last week with a loss of 0.65 percent from 78.332.87 pounds.

In the same week, BIST Financial Index decreased by 0.34 percent to 105.788.20 pounds, Industry Index decreased by 1.06 percent to 80.262.55 pounds and Services Index decreased by 0.53 percent to 50.926.62 pounds.

In this period, the Technology Index increased by 0.40 percent to 58,037.29 points, while the Banking Index decreased by 0.19 percent to 134,729.68 points.


Gen Investment Has The Most Premium Shares

Stock Exchange in Istanbul this week, the most rising stock Gen Investment, while the company's shares gained 56.1 percent. This was followed by Gen. Power Holding with an increase of 42.11 percent with 41.46 percent increase.

Currency Has Risen

The currency closed the week with gains in the free market. The selling price of the dollar increased by 1.20 percent to 3,1220 liras. The sales price of Euro increased by 1.52 percent to 3.4070 liras.

The selling price of the British pound, which was 3.7700 liras last week, rose to 3.7870 this week. The Swiss franc, on the other hand, gained 0.97 percent from the previous week, reaching 3,1340 liras.

Mutual Funds

This week, private pension funds depreciated by 0.08 percent, while mutual funds gained 0.14 percent. According to the categories, precious metals funds were the most beneficial investment funds with 1.19 percent.

Borsa Istanbul Bills Market, according to the weighted average weekly net returns of bonds and bills in various trades between 0.15 percent and 0.20 percent realized.

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