Which Regions Are invested in Ankara?

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Housing sales prices continue to rise in major cities, which are prominent in residential sales. According to the Hurriyetemlak.com February 2016 Property Index, in the capital Ankara, housing prices for sale have increased by 8 percent in the last one year and reach a mere 643 lira per square meter. The most expensive first three districts in the capital is Çankaya with 2 thousand 227 liras, Gölbaşı with 2 thousand liras.

In Ankara, important projects are passed on in terms of real estate sector. Real estate experts also pointed out that the Capital City of Ankara, which got attention with its investments that will be competing with Istanbul in recent years, offers important opportunities for investors. Era Başarı Ofisi Broker Ali Sacid Heavy points to this development and points out that one of the most precious regions of the Capital is Çankaya, and especially that the areas on Çayyolu promise the future.
Çayyolu, which is located on the Eskisehir-Ankara highway, will soon be hosting a very large developmental house. "Çayyolu Yaşamkent, located in the western part of Ankara, is accelerating its development thanks to the many ministries located on Ismet Inonu Boulevard. It is possible to reach to many of the semin which is reached by Metro by ring services. The last remaining parcels of the roadway Yaşamkent, which is close to completing the reconstruction plan, are under construction. There are many different projects from 1 + 1 to 4 + 1 in the area where large sites are located. Çayyolu Yaşamkent, which developed as a residential area, appeals to the commercial investor because of the housing investor and the small amount.

Heavy, housing prices per square meter of 3 thousand-5 thousand TL, commercial units vary from 5 thousand to 8 thousand TL per square meter, he says.

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