Which regions of Turkey are tourists most interested in?

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Millions of tourists visit Anatolia, which has hosted numerous civilizations throughout history, wanting to see its rich historical heritage, its colorful cultural heritage and natural beauty.

Germans and Russians who are in first place in the number of tourists coming to Turkey prefer Antalya, which has world famous sea and beaches, and the British prefer Mugla.

After Germany and Russia, the countries that send the most visitors to Antalya are the Netherlands, England, Sweden and Ukraine.

Those who come to Antalya visit the Santa Claus Church. This is followed by Myra, Alanya Castle, Aspendos, Phaselis.

Perug, Xanthos, Simena, Patara, Termessos, Karain, Olympos, Arykanda, Side Theater and Apollon Temple offer historical richness to their guests in Antalya.

Famous for its historical and natural beauty, Muğla's greatest fan is the English.

Mugla, which hosts 2.5 million tourists from Turkey, attracts a large number of tourists from Russia, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and France.

British settled in Didim

The Didim district of Aydın attracts visitors from England, Germany, the Netherlands and Russia with its ancient and famous historical sites such as Altınkum Beach, Apollon Temple, Milet and Priene ancient cities.

Some of the tourists who decided to come to Didim for a holiday and settled here operate their own restaurants and bars.

Mersin, Hatay, Adana are another world

Those who come to Adana, can not leave the city without tasting the kebab of the famous masters who are in beautiful places.

Many historical-cultural heritage, such as the Stone Bridge, which was estimated to have been built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian 500 years ago, is a 160-km-long beach, with its different cuisine, appealing to most Arab tourists.

Apart from the Stone Bridge, the most interesting places to visit are the Sabancı Center Mosque, the Great Clock Tower, the ancient city of Magarsus, the Kozan Castle and the Varda Bridge.

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