Which Regions Will Make Premiums in Residence in Izmir?

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Izmir is a valuable city in terms of real estate. This year, the housing sales pace is slightly down, but it is one of the most talked-about cities in the future, especially with the power it receives from İzmir-Istanbul Highway project. Which areas in Izmir, in which real estate is still considered a safe haven, will make investments? Do you need a residence, an office or a plot or land? Ekonomist Magazine carried out a research that revealed housing, land-office areas that are expected to make the most premiums in Turkey over the next 3 years with the contributions of TSKB Real Estate Appraisal. There is also Izmir in the research. Mavişehir, Bayraklı and Bornova in the dwelling, New City Center of Oyste, Bornova and Alsancak in the land, and Bayraklı, Pınarbaşı and Ankara Caddesi in the land-area are high areas with premium potential.

In the last 3 years, the average housing prices have increased by 40 percent and the new projects have risen in İzmir, where 3 regions are expected to make the most premium in the future.


Mavişehir, Bornova and Bayraklı.

In Mavişehir, which has a floor area of ​​2 thousand 900-3,500 in 2013, these prices are around 5 thousand-5 thousand 500 TL today. With the completion of the projects aimed at increasing the usage of İzmir coast in the future, Mavişehir, which stands out as the most valued region in İzmir, has completed the projects of 40 km coastal promenade extending from Üçkuyular, bicycle route, cafes, service units, children playgrounds, sports landscapes and private landscaping projects are to be completed by 2019.


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