Which Zones In Istanbul Will Gain Value In 2017?

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Projects that have been going on in Istanbul for a long time cause different initiatives to emerge from each other. Real estate, which is an important investment tool for many people, makes a difference for many people in this sense. Many people who want to take part in projects that makes a difference, step by step continue to win.

The Cities That Are Increasing In Istanbul Are increasing to continue to rise step by step, Istanbul has recently attracted attention with it’s appropriate houses and continues to be valued as gold. Real estate experts who continue to explain, in general, Zeytinburnu-Kazlıçeşme and Bakırköy coastline in Istanbul, Yazıcı, Riva, Zekeriyaköy and Kemerburgaz continue to gain value.


Less Than 3,500 TL

As of January-November period, the cumulative number of sales reached to 1 million 198 thousand 740 people with an increase of 4.5 percent. A new record will be signed with year-end figures to be announced next week. In Istanbul, there is more demand for real estate, up to 3 thousand 500 liras in meters, while the projects between 3 thousand 500 and 7 thousand liras are preferred if the location is good. However, the apartment is waiting for more than 7 thousand pounds and the value of more than the amount of supply in the apartment.
Experts who stated that the investment will increase because of different expansions in this lane explains that it is absolutely necessary to benefit from the projects here.

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