While the Housing Sales İncreased the Winner is Once Again İstanbul

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Housing Sales Across Turkey

Turkish Statistical Institute annonced the datas of housing sales of April 2017 across Turkey. The number of housing sales increased 7,6% and became 144 thousands 446. İstanbul had the highest share with 20 thousands 66 which Ankara pursued it with 13 thousands 364 and İzmir with 7 thousand 170. The lowest housing sales was seen in hakkari and Ardahan probably because of the terror problem.


Hypothecary Housing Sales

Throughout Turkkey we can say that the number of hypothecary housing sales had increased 29,6% more than the previous year and became 43 thousand 334. If we separate the rate of hypothecary housing sales from other one’s we can say that 37,9% of housing sales were hypothecary sales. In hypothecary housing sales Ardahan has the highest number with 87,5%.

The Number of Housing Sales to Foreigners in April 2017 is a Thousand and 624

When compared with the previous year the number of housing sales to foreigners had increased 2,7% and became 1624. According to the datas of Turkish Statistical Institute, in April 2017 the winner is İstanbul with 571 housing sales. The second city is Antalya with 385 housing sales which is pursued by 109 housing sales in Bursa, 97 in Trabzon, 69 in Yalova and lastly 65 in Ankara. The number of housing sales is higher in Mediterranean Cost because tourists see our country as a good destination for vacation in summer so they prefer to invest their money in such areas.



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