While The Withdrawal From Housing Sales Model!

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Consumers who want to take home the new housing project is choosing the model.

Consumers who want to take home the new housing project is choosing the model. However, some risks to get housing through model brings with it.


Therefore to have prior knowledge of consumers who want to get housing through the model and need to know their rights. So when stressful situations arise, it is possible to use the legal rights.


What is the sales agreements?
Models with the promise of housing sales contract is done. The sales agreements; consumer residential real estate sales price of a pre- payment in cash or in installments, the seller’s property after the pay fully or partially paid by the consumer contract is defined as speed or take delivery. The law of the sales agreements to be valid, must be prepared in an appropriate manner. Otherwise, this contract can not be legally valid. the sales agreements to be valid , should also be held in a notary. Already the contract to become effective in accordance with the sales agreements to be made in the way the new Consumer Law official notary. Related article contained the following statements:


“The registration of pre -paid land registry of home sales, while sales agreements must be made in the form of regulations notary. Otherwise, the seller, later to be the invalidity of the contract does not argue against the consumer.”


While the withdrawal from housing sales model!
The right of withdrawal
Article 43 – The consumer has a right of withdrawal within fourteen days of any justification and without paying the prepayment penalty clauses home sales contract. The statement on the use of the right of withdrawal is sufficient to be directed to the vendor within this period. The seller is obliged to prove that the consumer be informed about the right of withdrawal.


– If taken with immovable partially or completely depending on the loan depends on the loan agreement, the date on which the Convention establishing the right of withdrawal at the end of the period provided for in this Article shall enter into force to give birth. Housing finance institutions in the interest of the consumer in the right time of the withdrawal, the Commission can not demand legal obligation and no cost under similar names.


Returning from the Convention
ARTICLE 45 – In the pre-paid housing sales, to transfer or delivery date without showing any reason consumers have the right to return the contract. vendor if the return from the agreement; housing sales, or sales agreements which consists of tax due, fees and other legal obligations arising from the payment of compensation expenses and may require up to two percent of the contract price.

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