Who Has a Home In That Region, They Hit The Lottery

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Gebze- Orhangazi- Izmir Highway Project predicts housing prices will raise 3 times in Izmir.

The construction sector in Gebze, Istanbul is looking forward to the completion of the highway. Descends between the two cities to 3.5 hours, the summer rates around Izmir is expected to increase by at least 3 times in 3 years.

Last week opened Osmangazi Bridge is now closer to 1.5 hours Istanbul and Izmir. However Gebze- Orhangazi- Izmir highway at 433 km in length, including the bridge project, once completed Izmir to Istanbul from distance in 3.5 hours. According to Senay Kosdere the evening news, the afternoon of the car the person from Istanbul, Izmir can sip tea in the afternoon. Although this rapprochement economy certainly contributed to a great degree of distance. The project is particularly excited about tourism and real estate sectors. If such a rapprochement of Istanbul and the environment, was seen as a great opportunity in terms of domestic tourism, a short distance from the summer people are estimated to motivate serious sense. The highway is expected to be completed in 2 years.


Bursa, Balikesir and Izmir

Izmir and develops residential projects in the fountain Folkart Chairman Mesut Sanchez, Istanbul Fountain by between 3.5 hours of stroke Istanbul, Bursa, Balikesir and toll line cities of holiday region will Cesme, will spread to 12 months in the area of tourism, he said. To Mr. highway project he does not emphasize that reflected in real estate prices in the fountain.


They are believed without seeing

The Turkish people, can not believe without seeing, touching his car, but when it comes to 3.5 hours from Izmir to Istanbul stressed that it believes Sanchez, ” At that time they will miss the train. After 3 years, the price will increase by at least 3-fold, ” he said.  Another housing project developer producing fountains VERYERİ Construction Board chairman Alban Veryeri the “Marmara and Aegean rapprochement with Osmangazi Bridge so this will help increase economic viability. be met in a short period of 3.5 hours from Istanbul to Izmir, Izmir will give great momentum to tourism. investments to be made in Izmir, including real estate and construction sectors in particular increases will become an important center of Izmir, “he said.


It provides also the Historic and Culture tourism


With highway Izmir Port as well as Çandarli the starting port being built will provide links to the port in the Marmara Region is also notable Mustafa Baygen.  Izmir and Cesme in environment, Foca, Standing, potential of tourism centers such as the Pergamon is expected to increase to 12 months. At the same time highway project will increase the number of visitors for historical and cultural tourism, “he continued.


Flight was even in Yalova


Not only giant project Osmangazi foot bridge completed. However, the land prices in Yalova already took flight. Beyttürk Construction Chairman Mohammed Uğurcan Barman “real estate investors profited investing in all the towns and villages of Yalova. Land on the route according to the zoning, compared with two years ago was valued at rates up to 300-400 per cent today” he said.


Some ground evaluated 4 times


ERA Real Estate Turkey would Coordinator Mustafa Baygen in conjunction with the opening of the highway near Manisa and Izmir valued the land he said. Increase in summer price is expected to highlight the Baygen” starting from Gebze, Yalova, Bursa, Balıkesir, the land through which the motorway follow Manisa, in some places was measured four times. the increase in value of these residential areas and tourism zoning effectively be outnumber the land,” he said.

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