Will Commercial Plans Be Taken, Will It Matter?

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When buying a land for investment purposes, the question of whether a commercial land can be bought is on the agenda. The lands with permission to build are the improved land. It is the zoning situation that determines the value of the land to be purchased. Therefore, this type of investment is risk-free investment tool.


What is a commercial land?

Commercial land means that some commercial facilities such as business center, shopping center, multi-store shopping mall, bazaar, commercial parking, bank or financial institution building, hotel, cinema or theater building, museum, library, restaurant, wedding hall, private dormitory, private course, private hospital or private school can be built on it. Within these facilities, if the facilities providing services such as private parking lot, private education institution or private hospital on commercial land are to be built, the reconstruction plan should be changed and the land should be removed from the commercial area.


How to build a residential apartment on commercial land?

Commercial residence can be built for commercial purposes under normal circumstances. Therefore, in order to build housing on this land, it has to be built together with a building which is used for commercial purposes.


If a mixed land is plotted, it is absolutely necessary to show the ground floors on the road as "shop" or "work place" and to get approval of the project from the municipality. In addition, the entrance of the residential area must be separate from the commercial areas.

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