Will Increase The Charm Of The Beykoz

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The mega-projects implemented in Istanbul allows the mobilization of the real estate market. Metro is also effective in the mobility projects . With the completion of these projects in some areas it is expected to experience significant price increases. Beykoz showing among regions will be affected by these developments. Evan real estate developments in research under the spotlight in Beykoz Valuation in front of the eyes and demonstrate the potential of the region and draws attention to the increase in value will occur.


Increasing the charm of the Beykoz District

In the study,  the introduction of the 3th bridge and Uskudar- Beykoz a significant acceleration in the increase in value of the branded housing together with the start of construction of the subway will be seen and in terms of investment in the region will rise to a much more attractive location. So much of the selling price of the branded square meters of housing in Beykoz, what type of housing is being done, did prices rise more, what ‘s happening in the office sector, the class how the rental value of office?


Here is the answer to all these questions and more striking results emerged in research…

– Beykoz entered a rapid urbanization process after the construction of the 2nd bridge , 3rd in terms of investment was completed with the entry into service of the bridge will rise to a much more attractive location.

– Planned to open in 2019 after the Üsküdar- Beykoz metro line connection between the two districts will be reduced to 22 minutes. His interest in Metro line will further increase the prices of housing and underground work in the area soon will begin a rapid rise

Branded housing market in -Beykoz actively starting in 2004. The region’s ‘ Special Project Area ‘ in the last few years, many investors are starting to be announced along with the collection of land.

– When the typology of branded residential projects in the area close to all types of villas and appeals to higher income groups.

– Riva and Beykoz are found in different price scale. Unit sales prices are watching less in projects located in Riva.

-Beykoz Villas and other residential type of average unit sales prices vary of square meters startfrom  2 thousand 910 to 27 thousand TL.

-When the office is located on the TEM highway sector is gaining importance Kavacık. Easy access from the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge to Kavacık shows development as an alternative office space. However, infrastructure problems, because of lack of development and problems of settlements does not see sufficient demand and vacancy rates remain constant.

– A class on the basis of rental value per square meter for the minimum and maximum monthly demand for offices is 15-25 dollars. Actual leases are watching mainly in the 12-15 dollar range.

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