Wıth Only One Touch, Lıfe Area Expands

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People who live in small houses try hard to make the most of what they already have to be able to have and to use more space. We can say that this situation gives them a good opportunity to demonstrate how creative they can be, using  constraints that lead them to inspiring breakthroughs. It has been a while that small apartments provide greater living space thanks to the use of new technologies. And this high technology, which turns a 40 square meters home into a 74 square meters apartment, is now in Turkey! It is astonishing to see crazy designs that are produced specifically for apartment owners who have to live in apartments under 50 square meters.


The "Hafele Concept Project", which uses smart tiny house systems in these concepts, especially developed for studio apartments, offers a kitchen, living room and mattress room.

Most tiny homes are light on technology – there simply isn’t enough room to live. The home was designed and built by the Hafele Concept Project with open, multifunctional spaces, and small house designers. The result is a spacious and livable home with a footprint tiny enough. minim home review

In these concepts, you can transform a living room into a mattress room with a unique key while the kitchen table is connected to the kitchen table. Thanks to the use of this technology, in a 40 square meter apartment, the size of the house can reach 74 square meters.

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