With the Opening of the Eurasia Tunnel, Interest in The Mandarin Acibadem has Increased

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The Eurasia Tunnel has significantly increased its interest to The Mandarins Acibadem, which is located very close to the exit point of the tunnel and at the crossroads of integrated transport.

The favorite residence project of Kadıköy The Mandarins Acibadem is one of the projects that attracts great interest in the Anatolian region due to its location advantage. Located at the intersection of Acıbadem, Fikirtepe and Hasanpaşa, The Mandarins Acıbadem is located near the exit point of the opening Eurasia Tunnel. Mandarins Real Estate Construction Board Chairman Sinan Özeçoğlu stated that there is a noticeable increase in the project towards the finale of the Eurasia Tunnel, indicating that it will also be reflected in interesting sales.


Besides The Mandarins Acibadem Eurasia Tunnel, metro is 200 meters and metrobus is 100 meters. Kadıköy Square, Fenerbahçe, Kalamış, 15th July Martyrs Bridge and Marmaray connection are only a few minutes away. Thanks to the advantage of the location, The Mandarins Acıbadem does not have transportation problems in the city.

The Mandarins Acibadem, which was designed as two stages and will be launched at the beginning of the second stage in 2017, has a total investment amount of 1 billion 200 million TL. The Mandarins Acibadem, which has 493 distinguished residences and apartment options ranging from 1 + 1 to 5 + 1 dublex, starts at 570 thousand TL.

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