Workplace Rent Increase Rate August 2017!

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Renewal of the workplace lease agreement. The rates for those who arrived in August were determined.

According to the Code of Obligations, the highest increase in housing rents is made through UFE. A lower rate of increase in the contract can also be determined. When the rate of increase is calculated, the rate of change is compared with the average of the 12 months of the previous month when the rent is to be increased.


By 2020, business owners can increase their rental rates in favor of their tenants, or if there is a rate quoted in the contract, that rate is taken as basis. In case of any dispute, the courts calculate the average of the UFE (Producer Price Index), TUFE or both, taking into account the location, working status and other economic conditions of the workplace.

The increase in rents is made in two different places as UFE and TÜFE.

If the rent contract reads UFE;

The domestic producer price index (PPI) was 0.72% in July of 2017, 8.60% in December of the previous year, 15.45% in the same month of the previous year and 12 months in the average of twelve months compared to the same period of last year.


If the rent contract reads TÜFE;

In TÜFE (2003 = 100), in July of 2017, it was 0,15% compared to the previous month, 6,05% compared to the previous month, 9,79% compared to the same month of the previous year and 9% , An increase of 44 percent.

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