World’s Biggest Real Estate Fairy

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World’s biggest real estate fairy, Mipim opened its doors in Cannes, France. “Istanbul Tent” attracted more attention than the other European cities in which 26 thousand professionals were attended. While attendees condemned terrorist actions in Ankara, they gave the message of investment purposely.


International real estate fairy Mipim opened its doors in Cannes, France. Mipim, which we attended as a guest of Mr. Tahincioglu, will last until March 18th. From 89 countries, twenty six thousand five hundred real estate professionals will gather in fairy. Turkey, attending with 350 firms and municipals and whose attendees are around 820, met great attraction of international investors in MIPIM 2016. Istanbul, with its rented and preferred areas, got into states league in MIPIM. Istanbul Tent located between London and Paris. Istanbul Chamber of Commerce’s (ITO) Istanbul Tent which has been reduplicated to 685 square where meters 96 square meters of Living Istanbul Model has been exhibited, has been the center of interest.


Mega Publicity

Many mega projects from real estate projects to 3rd Airport and 3rd Bridge, from Eurasia Tunnel to Gulf-Pass Bridge appears in the model showing 24 hours Istanbul with its sound and image effects. ITO President Ibrahim Caglar mentioned they have been presenting Istanbul brand in the best way possible with “Istanbul the Star of Urbanization” motto. While Mr. Caglar mentioned giving appointments for bilateral negotiations, stated delivering visitors’ concerns and questions about terrorist attacks in Ankara. “London is as safe as Istanbul, Ankara is as safe as Paris.” and Mr. Caglar added “these attacks are possible all over the World. Despite what happened, Istanbul is the safest and the cleanest metropolis. Global investors know the whole World. So this will not affect the investor.”

France asked for the Istanbul Model

Award winning model exhibited in Istanbul Tent which was visited by France’s Minister of Economy, Emmanuel Macron. While Ibrahim Caglar announced the model was wanted to be exhibited by a French museum, he also stated that it was preferred to be exhibited in Istanbul. Mr. Caglar also gave the information of total cost of the model’s with its configuration, visual shows, technical configurations, location rent and interior decoration; is 1.2 Euros.

Kazlicesme was moved to Cannes

OZAK GY, which Ziylan Real Estate and Yenigun Building will bring into action in Istanbul Kazlicesme coast road, Buyuk Yali Istanbul Project was seen in France. Ozak GYO’s Chairman of the Executive Board, Ahmet Akbalık stated that in the project which costs 4.24 billion liras, sales will start in September. He also stated that their project will shine out with its accessibility. While condemning the terrorist attacks, Ahmet Akbalık also stated “Terror is not only Istanbul’s but also the whole world’s problem. Turkey is strong enough to get through this. Foreign investors will not be disappointed. Despite all the negations, we will do the best of our job.”

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