Worth Knowings While Buying House Credid!

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In Turkey houses are bought for use and investment. This demand causes an increase in house selling. In house selling, selling with credids plays an important role. Especially, the house selling rises up when low house credid conditions present.

What we should be carefull about while taking house credid and what points we should not underestimate?

The ones who want to use house credid should make a good research beforehand.

Bank’s house credids should be investigated well.

Low interest rate should be selected.

Before using the credid, the expenses that will be given back should be discussed

Restructing facility should be checked.

Credid back payment should be planned and the instalments should be decided according to budget

While buying a house credid, the necessary insurance to take is DASK. This should not be forgotten.

Banks investigate credid wanters’ credid background that is they examine their credid note. So, it is important that the credid note is high.

It is important that you have regular income. Banks give importance to regular and total income.

Banks give credid for %75 of house value. So, the rest %25 should be paid in advance.

Credids cannot be used for all house types. Banks look for some features for houses to be guarateed. The house should have floor easement and deed.

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