Yılmaz İnşaat Receives Riva Region Contract

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Fema Insaat Ticaret AŞ & KLV Corporation, which won the auction for the Galatasaray Sports Club in Istanbul Riva. INC., was decided that Yüksel İnşaat Contracting and Trade Inc., which offered the second most suitable bid of the contractor, should be tendered on the condition that the Joint Venture did not sign the contract within the determined period.


In the statement of the Real Estate Housing REIT located in the Kamuyu Illumination Platform, the most suitable bid for the Galatasaray Sports Club for the Istanbul Riva fair was Fema İnşaat Ticaret AŞ & KLV İnşaat A.Ş. Reminded me of your business partnership.


In the explanations, the following statements have been made:

"If the said business is invited to our company by letter in order to sign the contract in accordance with the specification by the tender to the mentioned business partnership, but has not signed the contract until the end of the working day of 15 August, which is the last day for signing the contract, the relevant provision of the tender specifications, The guarantee would have been turned into cash and the income recording process would have started and it would have been decided that the contract will be awarded to Yılmaz İnşaat Contracting and Trade Inc., which is the second most suitable bidder.


In the explanations, Yilmaz İnşaat Contracting and Trade Inc.'s bid was awarded with the total revenue of 3 billion 808 million TL for the sale of land, 25 percent for the company share income, and 952 million TL for the sale of land.

80 percent of the revenue from the project will be shared by Galatasaray Sports Club and 20 percent by Emlak Konut.


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