You Can Earn Money If You Purchase a House

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A new campaign has begun in the real estate sector. At the new model which contains 100 branded projects and 10.000 housing, extra money will be given to the house buyers. The citizens who purchase a real estate on the website Evdeki Firsat will meet and make bargains with the real estate firm. If the citizens decide to purchase a house from this website, after they bought the house they will take back of the money by the rate 4% of the price.


3 Projects from Every District

The campaigns in Real Estate Sector are coming! There are many advantageous campaigns for the investors and buyers in real estate sector. EYG Group set up their web site in 2014 and continues to offer suitable payment housing opportunities to the customers. Chief Executive Chairman Ömer Faruk Çelik explained that they have added the branded project producers to their system. As a result of this development, the person who purchases a house on the related web site, they will take back some part of their money. (4%) The new work model began on March 9 and there are 3 projects from every district in İstanbul.

The Real Estate Advantages

The houses at the system have a start level of 3.000 TL for square meters. The citizens will select a house on the web site and purchase a certificate. Then they will purchase a house from the firm. They do not have to say the name of the web site to the firms. At the end the web site owners will give the %4 of the house price to the citizens.

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