You Can Get A Pool Villa In America, In The Slum Price In Istanbul

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The Turkish section of the American Voice of America publishing company reported that many Turks settled in the US due to recent developments in Turkey.

The numerically half of the Turks live in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Florida is the most popular place for Turks after these states. The reason is that climate conditions are cheaper than living conditions and eastern provinces of the country and the country … It is stated that the Turks want to live the most in this province is the famous Miami city with its nature, night life and beaches. The state has a similar picture in Tampa, other big cities like Orlando and the coastal towns.


The Turks have shown great interest in many cities and coastal towns outside of Miami in Florida. Floridian real estate agents, Miami owners of rich and famous Turks preferences; While middle-class Turks prefer other towns and towns where the price of a house is much cheaper. There are many Turkish real estate companies operating in Miami. Hilal Borque, a Turkish real estate agent who opened the branch of Turyap in central Istanbul, said there was an explosion in the number of Turks living in the region of the Wall Street Journal.

American real estate agents are also very pleased with the high demand from Turkey and Turks. Another real estate agent, Reid Boren, told the Wall Street Journal that wealthy Turks have bought their second homes for vacation or investment in London or Southern France in the past, but have now changed their preferences and are now buying their second homes in the United States. Finally, it announced that it sold a two-storey penthouse to a Turk with 8.6 million dollars.

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