Young Managers Choose 1+1 Properties

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It is pointed out that young managers choose 1+1 properties.

It is found out in the public opinion research conducted by Ponera with contributions of one of the Groups that educated young managers choose 1+1 properties. Considering that the majority of population in Istanbul consists of youths, 1+1 properties become worthy.

Important date have been uncovered in the research discussing the choice of youths in properties conducted among 24-40 ages, A, B and B+, by one of Groups. The young population choose 1+1 properties that are close to city centers, social life, shopping centers and public transportations.

Another result taken from the research is that in property purchase the prestige plays an important role. The target group chooses the most trusted and reputable companies that designs outstanding projects, and they make researches on the internet to be informed when they want to purchase houses.

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