11 Million Liras To Sevilay Sabancı From Atlı Köşk!

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At the Atli Köşk, operating as the Sabancı Museum, the expert explained the share of Sevilay Sabancı Çınar as 11 million 111 thousand liras.
Sevilay Sabancı Çınar, who is a partner to the legacy of Sabancı Holding, was calculated for Atlı Köşk, which is operating as Sabancı Museum.


It was revealed that the destruction decision was made by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), but that the decision could not be implemented for 13 years, claiming that some of the outbuildings in Atlı Köşk were illegal.
It was finalized on April 26, 2017, when the court of the Supreme Court of Appeals became a member of Çınar's Sabanci Family's legacy. The Adana 4th Civil Court of Appeals ruled that Çınar had a 32/1152 share of the legacy of the late Hacı Ömer Sabancı, four years ago. This decision of the court, the daughter of Haci Omer Sabanci, the daughter of Ihsan Sabancı, who had a relationship with Nevin Tenik who was out of marriage, became a partner of the family.
Determining the value of Atlı Köşk in the direction of the Court's request, the mansion stated that the value of the mansion was 400 million pounds on October 16, 2017, and its value was 210 million pounds on 23 October 2009. The court is now expected to decide on the request of the plaintiff Çınar according to the calculation of the expert.
In an expert investigation, he gave a further claim to the Atlı Köşk. According to this, 12 years ago there was some unauthorized restoration of the mansion. On 14 April 2004, the İBB organized a Building Holidays Minute for illegal buildings with restaurants and cafés. In the project, instead of the garage and outbuildings, there was an office and a reinforced concrete building where the greenhouse was supposed to be. IMM sealed the illegal activities. Under the Bosphorus Law, the destruction of illegal structures was decided. However, the illegal structures could not be demolished despite the 13 years that followed, and the uncertainty about the destruction continued until today.

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