2 New Sports Complexes In Gebze

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The Kocaeli City Municipality Hall continues to help out the city with giving a lot of donations. Now, 2 new sport complexes are going to be opened in Gebze. The Kocaeli City Municipality Hall continues to support sports and the sportsmen. The city municipality hall is doing this by building up 2 new sports complexes. As far as the news goes on, the 2 sports complexes are going to be connected to each other, making a bigger sports complex for all the sportsmen. The complete floor of the complex will be a total of 1070m, which is as big as one neighbourhood and the total area used for sports will be 590m. 


It Is Approved By FIBA

The ceiling will have a system, so that the sports hall will be cool when it needs to be and it will be warm again, when it needs to be. The flooring that wil be made for basketball and volleyball games will be made out of pvc flooring, which is approved by FIBA. FIBA supports sports very much. On the floor, there will be changing rooms for A and B teams, a seating arranged for 250 people, a bufe, attendant, trainer room, judge room, 2 training areas and a room to take care of technical works.

3 Multiple Purpose Salons

On the first floow, 3 sports halls will be made. At the same time, a multi purpose sports hall, measuring from 30,00 to 5,70 will be made. A second sports hall measuring from 9,10 to 9,50 will be made for wrestling, karate, taekwondo, judo, fitness and pilates.

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