20.000 TL Support For Those Who Want To Buy A House

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State, 20.000 TL support for those who want to buy a house. Anyone who has accumulated 80.000 TL for 5 years will be able to benefit from this opportunity.  According to this application, which is organized for those who want to buy a house, anyone who collects money to buy a house will be provided with support.

A housing account is a must

“Housing account and state contribution” is the name given to the administration of the Family and Social Policy Administration.  The Ministry launched in 2016 with this application to buy housing to the state contribution to the accumulation of announcements was announced.  While 13 thousand accounts and accumulation of 81 million liras are reached with the application, it will be even more interesting to increase the ratio of support from 20 percent to 25 percent and the amount from 15 thousand liras to 20 thousand liras.

Time limit is being applied

Those who want to take advantage of this application must first open an account. it is not enough to open an account, it must remain open for at least three years. on this account, about 15% of the money accumulated in the account was given by the state as support. it was announced that after this new arrangement, 25% additional contribution will be made to those who have 5 years and more accumulation account in this application.

Upper limit is 20 thousand TL

Regardless of the amount accumulated in the opening account, the contribution of the state will be limited to 20 thousand TL. while 25% of the money accumulated in the account for housing support is committed, the amount to be paid by the state will be limited to 20 thousand TL

Upper limit can be taken with 80 thousand TL

According to the application, up to 25% of the investment made to buy a house will come as state contribution. in each case, the same rate will be applied for the money accumulated in the account. but the upper limit was 20 thousand TL.

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