200 years of Turkish Bath Will Be Turned Into Museum

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The Tahtalı Turkish Bath located in Malatya in Battalgazi has a strong history as being 200 years old. Thus, the restorations were done in the bath and after that it will be serve as a museum. 


Mayor of Battalgazi Selahattin Gürkan indicated that the restorations were done according to original apperance of bath in 19th century. Mayor said that they are working hard for restorating historical places in order to prevent to lose these places and their historical and cultural legecies. Other places that has been restorated were Battalgazi Walls, Poyraz Mansion and Kanlı Kümbet. Gürkan said that they have been restorated 90 percent of historical places located on their cities. The last restorated building was Tahtalı Turkish Bath. It was a place for drug addicts previously. Thus, renewing and making it a museum was also quite comforting for neighbourhoods. 

Internal arrangements of bath has been doing

40 heirs of bath has been found by municipality. The shares of heirs were bought and the bath become a public area. After that, the restoration projects were prepared and approved by Sivas Nature Conservation Board. The internal arrangements of bath is still going on. About the bath Mayor Gürkan gave a speech as "if you protect and renewed Arslantepe Höyüğü, you will be the mayor of 5 tausand years. If you restore walls of city, you will be 2 tausand years of mayor. If you protect mosques, you will be mayor of last tausand year. And if you protect and restore the bath, you will be mayor of last 150-200 years. These places will be the heritage of next generations. If you can make stay for coming generations, you will be their mayor too. This is our vision."

The bath will give information about that years culture

Selahattin Gürkan continued to give information about the museum. He said that the bath museum will be fitting to that years atmosphere. The place will give information about cultural things belonged that years such as mariage rituels like going bath before mariage. The middle part of bath can be used for social days. 

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