‘2017 Could Be Years Of Opportunity İn Construction’

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Chairman of the Board of Directors of 1A Plus, which will open the General Center in Nisantasi, Istanbul on January 6 Ebubekir Sevimli said that 2017 could be a year of opportunity for the real estate and construction sector. Also Built support will make you feel this year, he said.

Sevimli, in the statement he made, Said that the government initially offered incentives and support in the face of adverse situations in 2016. he emphasized that The construction and real estate sector according to the statement released by the Turkish Statistical Institute by the end of November 2016 1 million 198 thousand 740 real estate’s sales has realized and In 2017, this figure will increase even more.

Ebubekir Sevimli said “In 2016, the benefits of our goverment’s significant support to the construction and real estate sector will be felt more intensely in 2017.” Also he stated that those in the sector should prepare themselves for this situation.


‘Demand for commercial real estate is increasing’

Said that, in 2016, housing buyers, especially those who prefer big cities, go towards where many services can be offered directly, and that this demand will increase further in 2017.

‘We continue to grow healthy’

He emphasized that professionals working in the real estate sector should pay more attention to personal branding and institutionalization. As 1A Plus, with our Headquarters in Rumeli Caddesi, Nişantaşı, which will be active on January 16th, said that with 17 franchisees and 105 employees have continued their healthy growth.

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