3. Airport is being built quickly

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The need for transportation is increasing day by day. In this sense, Turkey is building its record new advances 3. Airport in Istanbul. When the new airport is completed, it is expected to contain many buildings. It is aimed to have 165 passenger bridges. Moreover, the transportation of the terminals between the rail system is one of the important points of the project. 4 separate buildings, 3 technical blocks and air traffic control tower. Many structures such as 6 runways, 16 taxiway, 500 airplane parked areas, honor hall, cargo and general aviation terminal, state guest house, open and closed car park of about 70 thousand vehicles capacity will be constructed for each plane. With these buildings, the value of this place will increase.


The Importance of the Airport

This airport has great importance for Turkey. Most of the overseas planes will use this airport. Thus, an increase in the number of aircraft is expected to arrive in Turkey. Transit airplanes will also be made through this airport.

Airport Construction

All kinds of environmental problems were taken into account when the airport was being built. Careful work was carried out with careful attention to the surroundings. We tried to protect the natural life in the airport area.

Employment Amount

The airport will provide new jobs for many people. If it has not opened yet, it has started to provide employment. Nearly 3500 security officers are targeted to be recruited. After opening, more employment is expected.

Number of Stages

The airport will be realized on 3 stages. At each stage, there will be new additions. These plug-ins will enable the airport to be used more actively. Traveling in Istanbul will be easier. Around 70 million passengers will be transported on stage 1. Also parts like cargo will be opened. The parking lot will be in service. At the 2nd and 3rd stage, the capacity will be increased.

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