80 Million Liras Treatment System Established in Bursa Traffic!

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Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş stated that people will make arrangements that will feel serious manners in traffic and said "We aim to reduce the traffic issue in Bursa by 40 percent until the end of 2018. We can not erect officials for every corner but it will cost 80 million Liras Traffic Electronic Control System We will invest 20 million pounds this year, "he said. President Aktas, reminding that about 200 people living in the urban transformation area are victims, said that they will meet with the Minister of Environment and Urbanism this week that they have made individual studies so that they will not be victims.
Chairman AKTAS, who is in private statements to İhlas News Agency, stated that they are aiming to remove traffic problems from new intersections and investments. Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas stated that the elections to be held in 2019 are a 15-month process, "There are some issues people complain about. There is traffic in front of them. We have to make such improvements that people should feel serious about them. Under normal conditions, you have to arrive 6-7 minutes in a very comfortable distance of 10 km. But if you are coming in half an hour then you have a problem. We are trying to take it to good levels. It may not be 6-7 minutes, but it needs to be at least 10 minutes. "

"We get senior consultancy for transportation"

President Aktas pointed out that even in public transport, there are many parameters ranging from special public buses to minibuses. We are receiving a high level consultation on this. While we implement emergency action plan from one side, we try to reveal the vision of 2019 from one side. The work we have done right now is a little touch. Together with these, we will make the controls even more compact. In addition, the Traffic Electronic Control System (TEDES) needs to be installed. Relevant to this, the cost of the investment is 80 million. We will make 20 million of this year. You can make excellent roads and crossroads. However, as long as rules and bases are ignored, it never gives 100 effects in 100. It is not possible for us to keep everyone on every street and street for this. But we can make it very comfortable with scientific and system methods. "

"We aim to make the city's traffic smoother by making better use of the busy hours," he said. If we do not take our precautions, for example in Acemler we are waiting for more intense and troublesome days. If you think of hospitals, stadiums, shopping centers and new houses, you can get out of it. We discussed the intersections of Bursa and strip expansions. We are in the mood to open the blind spots and distressed areas of the city. "
"We are doing individual scrutiny so that no one in the urban transformation is a victim"

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